Sunday, December 21, 2008

What sparks your Christmas Spirit?

I can tell you that I am so over hearing Christmas music at work. I am over seeing people purchasing Christmas decorations with a grim look and a grumble on their lips. Miss Littles has had two chats with Santa’s helpers. We are done with that for the year.

At the work Christmas party I won OU stuff and a Larry The Cable Guy video. I returned everything but the OU hat, my son said he’d wear it. I used the store credit for things my daughter needed and The Santa Claus videos. The kids and I watched two of them that night, I feel asleep during the second so opted to watch the third another night.

So what sparks me?

Not being at the mall on THE BUSIEST DAY of the year. Yiks. I took a number for one the stores then went into another to return something. I came back and waited for them to call my number.

What gave me the spark?

Today’s production gave me a spark. The production was simple making it even better. The cast was small making it more realistic. It was real and it was great. Miss Littles did a great job with her speaking parts and solo. She was a beautiful angel. Mary added the real part by exploring her nose on stage and she fell. Don’t worry nose and body were fine. I had to smile at one of the wise men as he sat on stage because he sat like a typical boy.

What most of the audience didn’t know is that the kids hadn’t all been together for rehearsals once. They didn’t see me and the other ladies years before making angel costumes to hand down for years to come. They didn’t see us trying to fit squirmy children. They missed out on the typing of the production so that the children would have the words when needed. They missed out on the rehearsals, the patience of my sister and the lady who puts it all together. They didn’t note that the program was thought out by the art department so that parents could save it for year to come. (That’s a team of two one being me). They didn’t see the tears from stage fright, he managed to stand on stage for a while with a pep talk from my sister. They didn’t see us in the booth working to make things go as smoothly as we could control.

What gives me the spark?

Knowing that my children know why we celebrate the birth of Christ at this time of year and knowing that they will celebrate every day.

God gave us a wonderful gift that night and at this time we pause to remember how important that baby is for us.


Missy said...

The songs. Not all of them - most drive me crazy after the 2nd time, but some really dig in.

Homemade decorations. I wake up to a new construction paper work of art taped to the wall each day. The more excited they get, the more productive the creating. I'm running out of tape and walls.

and, You.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hi Milly, sorry I have been such a slacking blog friend. Its been a rough few months.

Good for you for returning those gifts and for sparking your spirit for Christmas in a way that is meaningful for you and the kiddos.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Merry Christmas to you, dear Milly :)

pearlie said...

Merry Christmas, Milly.