Thursday, October 09, 2008

This is the day

One of the coolest things about the area that I work in is that I can watch the sun risings. This morning dawn brought a turquoise and orange sky. I’m a sun rise nerd so I had competition tell as many people as I could about the beauty that God granted us with. I stood in the door way holding the automatic doors open and took in a deep breath of the autumn cool air thinking "This is the day the Lord has made and I rejoice." I say this most mornings.

It’s neat that several of my customers are Christians, they ask for prayers and offer them.
It’s been a long week today is my Friday. Sunday we had a competition among those in my department. I was surprised at the outcome. I took first place! I get to go to the next level and compete against others from other stores. I hope I don’t choke my boss seems to really want us to win. I joked about honing my skills when asked why I was in commercial today. I really don’t care that much about winning but I did let them know how good I am at what I do with the win. I was told that I could train in any department that I wanted. I know that I could move onto that floor in a heartbeat.

Back to the sun.
the sun coming up means that life starts new for me. All of yesterday is gone to memory and now I have a fresh start. I love that. I need that. I can visit my past but never live in it. I can live in the new day.

Tomorrow I’ll start a new day with new surprises and more blessings from God. I'll take the time to walk with Jesus and I'll whisper to myself This is the day the Lord has made and I rejoice.


Kansas Bob said...

Great thoughts to inspire me this morning Milly!

This is His day.. His mercy is new this morning.. He is faithful.. I am forgiven.. His Spirit is in me.. I will rejoice and be glad!

Anonymous said...

We have the same beautiful sun rises in California...except for those in LA where the smog colors everything gray.

How could anyone possibly compete with you in the contest! Keep a positive attitude and your pick of departments is guaranteed. :)