Friday, October 03, 2008

Demons in the church

After a couple of discussions with spouses of those in the ministry I started thinking.

Demons are in the church.

I wonder if we could see them how many are circling the church. I thought about how many sit within.

One spouse is the wife of my minister. I want to say this so that you folks who think nothing of trashing the man or women who speak God’s words to you hear this. They are human and they have feelings! They have wives husbands and children. You are the people who brought them here you are the ones who they feel in love with and you are the ones who are hurting them the most.

I gave this some thought as I showered I would never pray that my child go int the ministry. Especially youth ministry. The devil hates youth ministry. He works hard to break it where ever he can and he uses parents. We parents have no problem listening to his hissing how wrong those who love and guide our children are. We have to stand hard against his vile nature.

My son has a wonderful heart for God and His children and when he said that he thought of going in youth ministry I prayed for guidance. He no longer speaks of it.

What a hurt it is not to trust those you love. What a hurt it is to feel so alone. The spouses don’t feel that they can trust anyone in the church. How could they? after all they’ve been slammed also. They have been talked about because their children ran around yelling yesterday. Mine did they day before and his were in the parking lot running around the cars. Still she’s a minister’s wife and she needs to keep them in place. I’ve read those letters. I’ve apologized for words that I had nothing to do with but still felt that the hurt needed to know how much I hated it.

Yes I do believe that demons attach to us and we walk them into the church proudly. We need to rid ourselves of them. We need to stand in font of the mirror and ask God to show us the truth.

No this mother will never pray that her children will go int the ministry.

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Robert said...

very wise thoughts milly. I wish I would have waited and sought more wisdom from mature believers before i decided to pursue the ministry, very much so. I am sure your pastors wife appreicaites your thoughtfulness and caring more than you know