Friday, September 19, 2008

Solving the Banana Crises By Milly's Boy

Laymond- you could do better but at least but it gets you there with ‘nanas to spare.

Uncle Mark- This one does eat bananas. And Mark should do math. Thank god for Aunt K 2 do the math 4 U. (That = 6). Your nephew is smarter than you.

Salquod- its over 1 mile there+back your math ain’t gonna work.

Missy- SPCA will fine you for that cause that kills camels :-(

KB- Momma ain’t vote’n 4 U any more.

Lynne- with the hurricanes and all the other stuff there all booked up.

Karen- FedEx!!!!!!! Those dudes eat 2 bananas a mile.

Karen-It's a math question for my class. Have fun with it. It's not a grade for you just me.

ME- try this. Put 1000 bananas on his back. Walk 250 miles. Drop 500 bananas and walk back. Then do it again. On the 3rd trip you are left with 750 bananas to drop, for a total of 1750 bananas. Then pick up 1000 bananas and walk another 250 miles (the half way point). Then drop 500 bananas and go back. Then get the 750 left and head back agin. You are half way with 1000 bananas. Pick them up and go all the way across. You have 500 bananas left to sell.

This isn’t the most efficient way. If anyone can get more across let us know. I don’t remember exactly how to do it but I know it started with going 1 mile with 1000 bananas. Keep work’n on it.


salguod said...

Aw come on, if you drop the bananas before the camel can eat them, you loose no bananas. :-D

It's a flawless plan!

Missy said...
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Missy said...


A journey of 1000 miles starts with one banana.


No muzzle.


Oh, and this is the real reason gas prices are so high. We have the same problem with delivery trucks.