Monday, September 15, 2008

My day of uncaring

As I drove to work dark Friday AM I thought about how much someone at work was making things rather suckage like. As drove in the darkness I mulled it over thinking about how me giving a hoot caused a smart mouthed immature comment from one woman. I took care of the situation because she was too busy talking to another coworker to do her job. I declared it


Yepper loudly in Sara, my car, Miss Littles named her. I pulled into the parking lot with a smile on my face because this is Milly’s day of uncaring. I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care I don’t I don’t care sang in my head. I was not going to care and I was going to let those around me know. After all I wanted them to know how liberated I was.

I enlisted help, I’d need it after all because I care and I care very passionately. I’d need to be able to have someone to call because going cold turkey wasn’t going to be easy. No twelve step program here. I was ripping off the band-aid. Walking to the end of the plank with a blind fold on. Jumping into a vat of honey without taking my keys from my pocket. So I enlisted the one guy that I knew could talk me through any moment of a caring crises. I made the announcement to the woman who had been smarting off to me for about a month now, she had a rude comment to make but I didn’t care.

As I went about my work I noticed in the corner of my eye that the sun was painting the sky in wonderful peachy colors. I went to the doors and stood looking at the sky thinking This is the day the Lord has made and I rejoice in it.

He’s talking to me and in color.


I worked trying not to care and yet still being nice. Then it happened! I can’t believe it! One of my regular customers was rushing through as I was helping him he said the words that stopped me. I stood motionless for at least two seconds my eyes must have blazed with anger at the world after all this was my day. It was the United Way Day of Caring! I care 364 days out of the year and all I wanted was one day one little day one tiny day to not care! One day to not give a hoot to not give a darn to not have to give a heck fire or heck far if you’re a true Okie. I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t believe it loudly.

I resigned myself to caring and went on about my day as the United Way Caring folks, who normally sit at a desk, shopped for items that will spruce up DVIS and other places that I care about.

Thank you God for keeping me true to myself.

I shouldn't have cared Saturday but that's is a different day. ;-}


Missy said...

I love you, Milly!

My cheeks hurt up to my ears and tears are rolling down them!

Remember to check your calendar next year. :)

Anonymous said...

"HECK FAR" I think we all share your occasional "My day of uncaring" attitude.

Unfortunately sometimes that day carries over into another day for me, but like you, if I can just muster a smile my attitude generally changes...well, at least changes after my first cup of black coffee.

Hang in there Milly!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Darn, I guess your I don't care day didn't work out, but I still think its okay to have one a year. I know what you mean though, its very hard not to care when your are a naturally caring person....and its very obvious that you are.

karen said...

I love this post, milly! LOL...still laughing.
I have one of those women in my fold when I work at a specific school. I totally get you!

Kansas Bob said...

I think that the secret of caring is balance. Being a Don Quixote at heart often gets me in trouble trying to fix things that I am not called or competent to fix.

And who is that ugly guy that you are voting for?