Friday, August 15, 2008

Stuff. . .like life. . .and Danny is back to blogging

I think Dave is still in hiding. . . perhaps in the woods waiting for winter to bring snow to shovel. He loves that ya know.

The first two days of school have come and gone. They are the ones in school and I have homework!
Not fair!
Not fair at all!

My dad is back in the hospital. This time he had what I suspected, not what his doctor thought, pneumonia. I really don’t like this doctor first he missed his heart stuff and now this. I kept pressing about the pneumonia because I know that some people don’t present a lot of symptoms. I’m not sure how long that they will be keeping him but I’m glad he finally gave into all of us and went.

I have been thinking on several post ideas but life has me hopping.

One thing I was wondering while surfing about: Can we really separate church and state? Do we have the ability to do so?

I know that in my heart I can't separate being a Christian when it comes to issues.

Can the normal Christian human separate how they feel and how they believe?

Can you?


Anonymous said...

Milly, it is possible to separate church and state. We are so insulated in the United States that we can't see it.

Ask the church in China, that is persecuted by the state (or Saudi, or Somalia) if their church is separated from the state?

And yes, it is possible to feel one thing and believe another.

I believe one thing, but want to do another. That "desire" is a feeling...fleeting, fickle. But a feeling nonetheless.

Bill said...

Interesting question, Milly.

My first thought was - is it desirable/good to separate our feelings from our beliefs? My personal sense is we need to be whole, unified people - not split up into little compartments.

I may not be catching your point, though. Can you expand?

Milly said...

I had a pretty important typo on that post. I can't seperate it in my heart.
Bill I'll be looking at this more but not today I have to get ready for work I'm on for 9 hours today so that's 10 in the place. PLus I need to check on my dad and sister.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was - is it desirable/good to separate our feelings from our beliefs?

Sometimes it is good.

When my flesh cries out to speak sharply to somebody but the Spirit in me says no, my feelings say act one way and my spirit says to act another way.

Paul describes the conflict between the flesh and the spirit in Romans 7.

It is precisely because we do have the Spirit of God dwelling in us that we have feelings that are different than our beliefs. As we grow more mature, there may be less separation, that I believe is called "sanctification" - I think that my sanctification will not be complete this side of the grave.

karen said...

prayers for your dad, milly.

Milly said...

Thanks Karen he needs them