Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm in the sand!

Milly's toes in the sand

Anyone else want to tell me how they feel?

I woke up got ready for work went to work took the schedule from the wall and realized the color of the paper where I am is a different color so that means I am off today and I got up at 4:21 am to be there. I had a migraine yesterday and one working the day before and the almost X started a fight Saturday so I wasn’t in a good mood nor was my dad because he has been very ill so I called my friend to talk about her cancer and she made me laugh so all was good as long as the cancer is gone PRAY"N HARD! Now I’m trying to budget for the future and spent some time talking to another woman about the men we divorced. I now have to go to the book store and purchase a book for my son he finally remembered who it was a bout and the one he needed I really just want to go back to bed for while but I can’t I do think I’ll pop into a couple of places to window shop I also need to write a letter to someone I did receive a nice little care package from a coworker because she wanted me to have a nice day last week but the X tried to pick another fight today I’m not playing this time I also need to food shop

Not too sandy I have God and I have you and I have friends and I have my kids.

So how are you?


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I really like that photo, sand feels good on feet.

Sounds like you are having some ups and downs but are getting through it all with a good attitude.

As for me - I'm okay. Things are up and down all the time but I'm getting used to it.

Kansas Bob said...

Wow.. Milly has six toes!

Sorry for migraine and the false wake up.. hate when that happens.

Like Barbara things are up and down in KC these days.. Ann's shoulder is healing but my right knee is acting up.. grrr.

Lynne said...

and here it's a sunny winter day, and I've just found out I've gotta preach this Sunday!
Only a coupla months and it will be warm enough for bare feet round here again!

Milly said...

Cool Lynne give'n us God's word. Let us know about it all.

I wish we had beach near here.

Milly said...

Barbara at least we aren't just going around and around.

Bob Praying

Milly said...

Shhhhh KB now they will all want 6

Bird said...

Good toe shot! ;-)

karen said...

Cute tootsies, toots!