Wednesday, July 16, 2008

God works in some interesting ways

As I drove to the hospital I began to think about a conversation I had with a coworker. He and I talked about how God works in our lives. Several things had happened to those he loved including death, he was angry with God for the happenings so he went mountain climbing. We do that metaphorically but he actually did it, once he reached the top he began yelling at God. “Is that all you’ve got!” he spent a bit of time yelling at God. It came to him that God was there the he wasn’t alone and that no matter what He would be there for him and there is nothing that he can’t handle because God wouldn’t let go of Him.

So here I was driving to the hospital worried about my dad thinking that I once again had one of those conversations. All I could think was “God is preparing me again, He did with my mom, my uncle, and now He was doing it again.” Don’t get me started on the music that was playing on the radio The Dance golly gee way to get to me.

I have to say that my dad is a tough guy. Several months ago he passed out backing his boat in the water and ended up knee deep in the lake H20. That’s knee deep inside the truck. The doctor thought it was a medication. This time was a big red flag with a flashing light and a loud alarm, he blacked out again in Canada. He went to fish, he loves fishing. They had the chopper on the way he refused to go to the hospital after they revived him. I offered to drive him to the doctor but he refused. They sent him to a specialist, they immediately walked him to the OR. Here’s where he becomes the talked about patient of the day people to whom have a heart rate of thirty are usually brought in to the ER or rushed into a doctor’s office looking very ill. My dad had driven several miles and walked in on his own.

As for fishing well he took second in the tournament and says that he would have taken first had he fished all the days. And yes he says it with a big o’ smile on his face.

I spent the night watching my dad remembering times of a younger stronger man. My dad came in the door ready to love his family that’s why we rushed to be with him. He saw the blessings in his life. Whenever we were sick my dad was soft and gentle he spoke softly to us. I remember how he would move my hair out of my face. My dad had seemed to be invincible when I was a kid and there he was in a bed, in pain, looking so different. Still he’s the best dad in the world and my family and I will now take care of him. (Like it or not. . . he grumbles a bit at us. )

He is so grounded!
No fishing for a while!


Mark said...

My bet is a boat dock in 3 weeks.

laymond said...

It is easier to be lifted of a boat dock than a hospital bed, and I don't want to make the Lord's work any harder than it has to be. :)

hope your dad gets well soon. we need all the fishermen we have.

karen said...

What a great dad. Sorry there is more stress on you all.
Hope he is well soon, it sounds like he plans on it!!
Go Dad!!

Kansas Bob said...

Blessings to you and your dad, Milly!