Sunday, July 06, 2008

As in my life. . . . . .

The boy and I went to see Get Smart today. It’s not for young kids due to the language and stuff but it was a funny movie. I enjoyed the music and the references to the original show. The movie wasn’t too much like the show but gave us old folks enough to smile at.

My daughter’s new favorite movie is The Spiderwick Chronicles. I enjoyed the movie each time I had to watch it. I loved the flower fairies such a pretty fantasy. Miss Littles has professed to me that she sees fairies in her room and once in awhile throughout the house. We’re sure to invite them along when we move. She has wonderful delights about how they play about and tells me that some aren’t so nice. I suppose the fairy world isn’t that far from ours.

At church folks are full of concern for us. It’s appreciated and I do feel the love and blessings but it’s as if someone is around every corner. I spoke with a sister today and shocked her by telling her what had been going on. I had assumed most of those who know us knew.

The boy and I are watching the news. It’s always a fun thing for me to do because he’s so smart and has lots of opinions. Miss Littles watches the local news every morning and will have a cake recipe for ya’ll posted soon. I’ve tasted it and think you should make yourself one.

Things around here have been a bit off to say the least. Mediation went well enough and I’m processing what was said.

Last night I spent some time talking with a friend after work. I’ll have some views on what we talked about sometime. I’ve always tried to see things in different shoes and she certainly showed me a different sneaker.

God is my sanctuary


Missy said...

I see you're feeling colorful. :)

We hung a piece of sequined fabric in my lil' chilly's window. When it sparkles all over the room she says they are light fairies.

The family and the "processing" is in my prayers.

Lynne said...

praying for you.
Glad there are so many sweet positives happening for your kids in the midst of all this

Kansas Bob said...

Going to see Iron Man tomorrow with a buddy.. maybe I'll get smart later :)

Dealing with church people is often difficult for me.. I think people do care but just don't know what to say sometimes. It sounds that folks are supporting you pretty good.. I am thankful for that dear sister.

Blessings, Bob

laymond said...

Milly, I don't comment much any more and hardly ever write a blog, but I continue to read yours and pray for the best outcome for you and your children.

Milly said...

Light fairies sound cool I’ll have to ask Miss Littles about them.
Thanks for the prayers and back at ya.

Thank you

They have been a blessing to me. I haven’t been asked to take a break from the work I do yet and doubt that I will be asked. If they do ask I’ll do what they want of me. And I’ll do it with grace.

I have trolled about and read your stuff but haven’t been doing much lately.
I’ll try to do better in the future.
Thank you for the prayers

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

My heart goes out to you and the Little ones. I'm glad you are finding solace in God.