Friday, July 18, 2008

A free day would be spent. . .

Have you ever wanted to wonder why but just couldn’t find the time or the real motivation?

Is that laziness or being too busy or just not giving a damn?

So there you are laying in the clover patch thinking why can’t I wonder why and it hits you. . . a honey bee right between the eyes.

Are you allergic. I’m not.

I can pick them up and move them over for you.

If I a butterfly landed on your nose would you hold your breath and enjoy the moment?
I would.

I wonder where the nearest clover patch is.

Want to meet me there?


Missy said...

I got one out back, come on over.

I'm allergic to bees though.

(My name means "Honey Bee" - isn't that ironic?)

Milly said...

I'll move those little ones out of the way for you Missy. I've spent a lot of time moving bees out of the way so that they don't get stepped on, never stung.

Lynne said...

Only ever been stung once by a bee -- and that was when I tried to hang out washing in the dark, which was probably a dumb idea. not allergic, but didn't enjoy the pain!!

I'll have to come over your way, in this part of the world it's the middle of winter and a bit chilly for lying on the ground!

Mark said...

a pub, a book, a beer