Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pink bear, dead rat, shoes, pasta, and pink feathers.

Things in my home have been tense and without a doubt my children know it. I’ve just come off of seven days without a day off and my daughter has hit the wall. She didn’t ask for a mother and daughter day out she demanded it. So with cash and gift cards we hit the stores. Our first stop was Michael’s, they were having a great sale on Christmas decorations. We couldn’t resist stopping, when we got out of the car Miss Littles eeeeewed I looked over to see a stiff dead rat feet out, and on its side on the bumper of a truck. Okies! We talked about how gross it was as we walked in. We scoped out the sale. After purchasing several stems for the cemetery for next year, two pots of poinsettias for the pots on the porch, and a pink feather Christmas tree (Yes a pink feather pre-lit Christmas tree on sale for about $4.00 from about $40.00. We’re chicks) when we arrived at the momcar with a cart full of Christmas bargains we found Mr. Dead Rat by the back wheel. Now I think that I thought the same thing that most of us would think. I don’t want to touch it with anything to try to move it and I don’t want to run over it. Now I didn’t want to run over the thing not because I was afraid I’d kill it again but because that’s gross. And I was not touching it with any part of my body, shoes included. In fact you could put me in a hazmat suit and I’d still not want to move the thing. I fear the plague. Or I fear the reoccurrence of a rat being in my home looking at me with those yellow eyes in the dark. I know this time my dad wouldn’t come rushing in with a shot gun. He shot it and we promised mom that we wouldn't tell anyone. We were kids so we announced it to all that would listen. I was trying to fall asleep and I thought my sister was making noise and moving stuff around on the night stand so I told her to stop it and she said it wasn’t her it was me and that I should stop it and I said no it isn’t and for her to stop it and then she said that I should stop it and I saw the yellow eyes looking at me very close to my face and dad yelled “girls” they did that almost every night because we were always doing stuff before we fell asleep and we yelled back that something was in our room and daddy came running in with his gun and shot the rat in his underwear and killed it and our dresser. We had icky blood on stuff. My mom is shaking her head right now from Heaven and trying to explain how clean the house was. So I backed out carefully hoping not to rekill the dead rat. We laughed at me for looking back to make sure that I had missed it. How gross it would have been if I hadn’t. We then made our way to Target to check out music, movies, toys, shoes and girl stuff like pink things to wear. We purchased new shoes and beads for her door. Now if you know me you know that it was a big step for me to hang in the shoe department while my daughter tried on several pairs of shoes. After Target we headed for a nice lunch at Macaroni’s. It was nice to have a moment to sit and talk about stuff. She told me what had been bothering her lately. I’m doing a long stretch of nights because my husband changed jobs. She misses me. We then went home to relax until the Radio Disney event started. Nope we didn’t win tickets to see the Hanna Montana movie. After that we hit the mall she wanted to make a bear and Build-A-Bear was the place to go. She selected a pink bear and we both put a heart in it. I love that you can do that. If you haven’t gone to this place you should. They let you put a heart in it. I always pray for Miss Littles into the heart. It would be a cool gift to give a kid. If you don’t live near them you can sent a gift card with the heart from you so that when they make the bear they can place your heart in it. This bear also needed clothes to wear. Now I’m broke and ready to go home. She was ready to hit Wal-Mart. I so love her because I so hate walmouthofhell-mart. She picked out a new head band and some rings. I chose the new Cowboys and Indians magazine and the Veggie Tales CD. It rocks and so did my day, rat and all.


Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for taking us all along with you and Miss Littles. I am praying for you and your family Milly.. that Jesus would manifest His peace in the middle of all of your many activities.

Here is a GK Chesterton quote that I have been thinking about lately:

"Why be something to everybody when you can be everything to somebody?"

It is helping me process the priorities in my life.. and making some difficult decisions.

Blessings, Bob

Anonymous said...

My littlest, a year older thatn Miss Littles, had a Build a Bear party this year. A cool place and she loved it.

She got a bright pink bear with metalic threads in it (Precious Pink Teddy) and a bright pink outfit. Maybe the same bear as Miss Littles?

Her big sis (13) got a bear too as one of her friends couldn't come. Big sis's bear is pink and white and named Queen Fluffy. Audrey's bear is Princess Fluffy, her daughter.

Thankfully, Dad didn't have to go to the party (to much girlie), but I'm still happy taht she got to go.

Milly said...

Our Littles have the same one. Pretty cool! You should go some time you'll have a blast with the girls.

preacherman said...

I want you to know that I am keeping you in my prayers. I pray God will continue to give you strength and wisdom that you need. I pray that he will unleash blessing in countless ways in all aspects of life.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've been, it is a neat experience. It's just that experiencing it with 5 other 9 year old girls is a bit much for Dad. :-P

That's funny that they got the same one. Our littles need to meet some day. If you're ever in Ohio ...

harland said...
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