Wednesday, January 09, 2008

In the running of political posts

Over at the Thinklings they are in discussion about Hillary. Take a look. She’s being criticized because she’s showing some emotion. If a man had shown that side of himself he would have been praised for being a real man and showing his honest side. It would have been “Real” of him. Why can’t women be strong and have emotions? God made us like this. Men put their fists through walls or play some kind of sport. We have a release, a God given release, and tears come with it. Men cry. If you’ve spent any real time in the blog world you know it because you dudes are great at letting us know about the release of tears.

Sure we don’t want our leaders to cry while negotiating something important. She didn’t do that. I don’t think she will do that. She talked about the fear of someone else winning. I have that fear. We can’t do more time under a Bush like establishment. Take the time to really look at the way things have been. We need a new person in office and we have to have change. Bush led us to a horrible place and given four more years we would no longer be a great nation. Thankfully he’s going away.

Don’t worry about saying what you want to say I can take it.
Mark these folks can take you saying what you want to say also.

I do ask that you folks show respect then again I know that our little blog family will.
Fah! For making me post this boys!
Just looked up Fah and this is what I found.

Degrees Fahrenheit
Federation of American Hospitals
Filter, Air, HEPA
Fine Arts and Humanities
Fixing A Hole (Beatles song)
Fly Away Home (movie)
Folding At Home
Foreign Affairs Handbook (US Department of State)
Forward Airhead
Fuerza Aerea Hondureña (Honduran Air Force)
Funky And How
This is my favorite one.

Future Attack Helicopter
Fah doesn't fit so I shake my fist to you darn kids!


Anonymous said...

I (for one) do not object to Clinton's show of emotion.

What I DO object to (very much) is the nurturing and use of emotion as a ploy.

Mark Driscoll said in a sermon once that once a woman cries, it's over. There is nothing more you can do or made her cry. Woman's note to self: cry first next time.

Do you remember the last time a Clinton cried for the camera? I do.

Barbara said...

I totally agree with you! I had this conversation with a friend yesterday, why is it ok for a guy to cry but not a woman?

I don't know if she was using it as a ploy or not, that would be wrong.

Mark said...

Three days with little to no sleep, in a highly stressful situation, heck I would have probably cried.
So, Sis, Hillary or Barack?

Milly said...

Hillary. I'm not on the Barack wagon yet.

Milly said...

Nice to have you back.

I agree a ploy isn't a good thing. I don't think this was.

Raindream said...

Let me put in that it is not okay for a man to cry. I don't remember the man's name, but a while ago a man completely ruined his campaign by crying, and I think if any of the male contenders for the president were to cry, saying he had opportunities for the country if only we could see it, his campaign would be dead in the water.

But these tears aren't a reason to vote for or against Mrs. Clinton. Her liberal policies are the reason we should vote against her. We need liberty and charity, not government nurturing or a nanny state making us all stay in our places.

Milly said...

Welcome Raindream,
If I felt like that about her I wouldn't vote for her. The crying thing made no difference to me at all. If a man had shed a couple of tears like she did it would have no difference at all to me. Out and out weeping would have for both. As Mark pointed out it was exhausting. My vote sticks so far.

laymond said...

Milly, I will vote for whoever is the democrat nominee. and I tell you right now O'Bamma nor Edwards was raised by my Mamma, the men in our family was respectful to the girls, even when we disagreed. I believe the women and men like myself, who are not threatened by women, will back Mrs Clinton, my wife feels the same way you do. keep your fingers crossed.

Mark said...

It was Eagleton who cried, McGovern's first VP candidate. But the allegations of a mental break down probably did in the campaign more than the tears.
The current administration has peeked in our bedrooms, read our mail, ran up the largest debt in history, ignored our schools and roads, and you are worried about Hillary?
I was an Edward's supporter last time, but I like the energy Barack brings to the table.
But I will support the Democratic nominee, our economy could be in trouble with 8 more years like the past 8, not to mention our personal rights and civil liberties.

Kansas Bob said...

I think that I am thinking more aout McCain these days.. I gotta be getting desperate :(

Mark said...

I like McCain, he would fit in the old Republican Party, you remember, the fiscal responsible, anti-deficit, pro-personal freedom party

harland said...

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