Sunday, January 13, 2008

A clown’s heart

I’ve never been afraid of clowns.

Some people are.

I think it could be because they know they are hiding something.

We hide our fear and pain.

When things are said and done that break our hearts we paint a smile upon our faces.

The makeup only covers the face it doesn’t cover our hearts.

So that you can’t see our sorrow.

We hide behind the mask of greasepaint

We use acting so that you think that everything in our lives is copacetic.

We deny that you can read how we feel.

We work hard to push you away.

You aren’t allowed to see the truth.

If you do we have failed our task.

If you see the truth then we have to feel it.


Bird said...

I don't like clowns.

Barbara said...

You write the most amazing things.

Mark said...

have you quit wearing makeup?

Danny Kaye said...

Well written, Milly! I'm with Barbara. You write to coolest stuff.

Is that you in the picture, clownin' around again? (heh-heh)

jel said...

I always wanted to be a clown!

I like what you wrote, Milly!
and a cool picture!

oh and Hi Danny kaye!

Kansas Bob said...

This one is for you Milly :)

Missy said...

Sometimes a costume helps us feel free to be ourselves. I like most clowns, especially this clown, Daisy, we hired for a church event. She was incredible and her balloon sculpting skills were off the charts! I bet you would be even better, Milly. :)

harland said...

Well written

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