Monday, April 23, 2007

Well I did start

I started working on my What I believe essay last week. I wrote it down in a note book then became busy with life. You know dealing with the children, the spouse, the job, church, and friends.

My children had pretty much hit the wall on me being gone from them at nights and it showed in every aspect of their lives. I’m back on days and they seem to be over joyed, they miss the dad but are gad to have mom home. Except today was my first day back on days and I get up at 4:20 am so when I decided to take a nap I TOOK A NAP! A friend came over to train me on the slides at church, I’ll be doing them some so I need to know how. That took hours to set up and work on. My husband wanted to look at desks and check out the log cabin show with friends then back here for brick oven pizza. Church brought a surprise no one showed up to run the slides so I ended up with them it may seem easy but you have to lead the singers and allow the minister his moment. The cool part is that they are very aware that we try our best and they appreciate what we do. I did nail the sermon I knew exactly when to go to the next slide. Sure it helps that he sets it up well and let me know what to listen for. Still I had to stay awake. I will need to remember not to look at the line up while they are singing.

Now for what I believe

I believe that my daughter has taken the note book with what I’m sure was a brilliant essay so I believe that until I find it or rewrite it I won’t be put on this blog. Until then I believe that God sends Love to us.


Missy said...

I think that was a wonderful essay! Hehe. JK - I look forward to it.

I have been waiting for a moment to do mine, and I think at camp with pen and paper will be a great time! eSee ya in a few days.

byevad said...

LOL. Milly you are too funny!

I believe that there are lots of things missing at my house that have been moved by little hands too! :)

Anonymous said...

Pity that there is a couple of 100,000 of those "Sherpas" all directing you a different way. Had did you pick the one truthful sherpa Milly?