Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tell me why!!!!!!

I need the men to explain the reason why the Die Hard movies and Road House are on television almost every night. I honestly need to know.


Kansas Bob said...

I might know but I can't tell you :)

Larry said...

Real men have to watch those movies, its a macho thing. These movies also aggravate the women, which is a good thing.

Now please tell me why Steel Magnolia and Pipi Longstocking is on every night?

codepoke said...

Hey, that's cheating! Roadhouse is totally a stealth chick flik! It has to be the stupidest excuse for a guy movie I've ever seen. The fight seens were totally bogus, especially the end scene with the stuffed animals and all.

Of course, Top Gun is the ultimate stealth chick flik, but at least it was done well enough that guys would like it.

But Bob and Larry both have better answers than me.

Milly said...


I’m missing the stealth chick flick part of Road House. I wanted everyone but the one guy to die and they killed that guy.


As for Pipi Long Stockings I haven’t watched that in years.

I will say I’ve loved being able to watch The Lake House a couple of times, the thing is that I keep saying “They really don’t know each other” Then again one of my best friends fell in love with a man she knew but never really spent time with until one weekend. They wrote each other while he was in the military and married. They have three kids and a nice piece of land. I love watching her fall in love. They are still together.

Now I’ve turned this into a chick post.;-}

Top Gun was a total chick flick. They saved you dudes by adding jets and a hot chick.

Steel Magnolia! Come on Larry you cried I know ya did!

I’ve had this conversation with my husband about the Die Hard movies, he thinks I’m exaggerating and one night after I brought it up again this time dragging friends, in who disagreed with me , I came home and sat on the sofa, my husband went to take a shower. I turned on the Television and began to serf only to find Die Hard was on. I did what every grown mature woman would do. I went to the bathroom door, opened it, and said “See it’s on again” then I closed the door so that my naked man could take his shower in peace knowing I was right and he was wrong. I called my friend and said “It’s on again I’m right”

I know that you know and I still want to know but I think I know what you know and if it's so then. . . sure I know what you mean. Balance it's all in the balance I’d hate to here that you boys are using women’s razors and taking up beading. Keeps you from forming a scrap booking group at church. Do what you have to do boys. Go to your local hardware store and hang out with the power tools if you can’t watch die hard. See I think I know what you think you know and can’t tell me.

karen said...

Hmmm, Milly....I notice the older I get the more I like the macho movies....maybe the inner me wants to kick some butt!

Kansas Bob said...

I sometimes wonder if any guys what Masterpiece Theater when they are alone like the gals do :)

Kansas Bob said...

make that 'watch' Masterpiece Theater :(

byevad said...

I think some business exec says to himself: "Hmmmm... what ads do we need to run to uphold our contracts? Nope, we've maxed out the Victoria spots... wait, we have a bunch of Hardware store spots, power tool spots, ED medication spots... Joe, I think we need to run Die Hard again!"

Or something like that... :)

harland said...

Not Answerable Here