Thursday, June 10, 2010

Golly my life is a strange path

Perhaps we all know a person who just can’t let go of the bone.

Wait . . . am I mixing a metaphor?

Oh well that’s what Milly does.

This week I gave a bit of thought about this blog. I’ve had the grand pleasure of meeting in our bloggone way some wonderful people. Something that I cherish and I’m glad that they can see me on FB.

I thought about shutting it down and starting a new one. That seems like having another pet to neglect. So I will continue to abuse this one.

I had one of the worst years last year and I shared it with everyone. Yes I shared it to a point that people were fed up. Not one person said that they have heard enough but I know that I am sick of myself and this pity party. My son threw one for himself I joined him and talked about it. THE PARTY IS OVER!!!

Cancer sucks and my sister is still fighting hard. I miss her. We don’t talk like we use to but I still have her thank God.

One of my best friends battled cancer and won! Her husband took a large amount of pain killers, she left him and spent the night here with her kids. He landed in the hospital. Stupid man almost died. So far he is back in church and thankful that he has her and the kids.

My dad is doing well.

My brother,sister-in-law, and niece are wonderful.

My daughter is a ten year old little. Drama and fun happen all at once.

I have a nice home, great kids, and I’m doing just fine. I will say that I miss having a spouse to be with but I want the right man. I want a man that will be faithful to me from beginning to the end. I want a spiritual leader.
I want a man who will love my three legged dog and the kids.

I have been blessed with a great sista friend next door, I call her mom MOM. That’s huge for me no one else can ever be MOM to me but my real MOM. I love her kids. I have to they almost live here. We’ve talked about building a tunnel so that the kids can go in and out without bringing the out in.

God has blessed me with everything but a nice ex-husband and a new man in my life.
I think I needed the closure that my ex-boyfriend gave me when we went out. I needed to say what I said and hear what he had to say. I can’t really think of the life we might have had if he had proposed that December at Utica Square under those twinkly lights because he never did.

It has been a year of reflecting and resigning and resting and I’m sure other R words.

Golly my life is a strange path. Thank God


chris said...

Life is a strange path for everyone, and in the long run, that's what makes it interesting!

Monk-in-Training said...

Glad to see a post on your blog, my own has been neglected, as well.

Life certainly does get complex, doesn't it?

my own life is taking a turn, with the new homeless ministry I am getting more and more involved in, something I never expected!

If there is something I can do to help, just email me.

Br. James Patrick

karen said...

Yes, I certainly get this post, and the neglected blog syndrome. God'll lead us back when we need it. Hugs to you!!

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the update Milly! Life certainly is not what we dreamed it to be. Yet I am mostly glad that it is what it is.. I am glad that God is ever present.. as I get older I find myself appreciating the little blessings more than ever.

I hope the next twelve months find you smiling more and experiencing much joy Milly. I so appreciate your transparency and genuineness when you write. You are a gifted writer and a beautiful person.

Love and blessings, Bob