Tuesday, June 15, 2010

God's Sticker Book

It’s no surprise to those who have been here in the past that odd thoughts plagued me


the other day at work was no different. I was cleaning like I always do in the mornings when a thought about stickers wedged itself into my brain.

What if we got stickers for a job well done?

Can you see your boss giving you a sticker with a kitten on it because you came to work on time every day for a week?

How about a gold star on the board next to your name because you finished all your work Chris?

Salguod great job in helping Karen with the computer here’s a stick with a car on it!
You’d proudly put it on your board in your cubical.

Do you think that as adults we would be jealous if our coworker got a sticker and we didn’t?

Would KBob be unhappy that Barbara got the sticker of the Bible and he got nothing?

I know that as adults we get just as unhappy because others get recognized and we don’t.

Didn't we do a good job also?

Several of us were given an award for customer service not long ago that came with a pin and a bit extra in our checks. After taxes it was a happy meal. I couldn’t believe how several of my coworkers behaved when they weren’t given the award. I think that several of them needed frowny face stickers on their charts. Why do we act like that? I’m due for another award and now I’m thinking that several people will be upset with me because of it. I might need to bring stickers for them. ;-}

I wrote this a bit ago and yes several made remarks about the Fossel watch.

As I pondered those thoughts of stickers another thought popped in.

What if God had a sticker book?

You’d be standing in line waiting for God to open your book, praying that He has your book and not the man who lives in a place hotter than Texas in July, wondering if when he does you’ll have a whole bunch of cool stickers filling your book.

I wonder what kind of stickers that I would have in my book?

Great job handling the ex this week a smiley face

Lost you temper and yelled a little devil sticker

Helped a friend you get a sticker shaped like a clown fish

My turn comes and He picks up my book. I blow out a puff of air that was held in when the thoughts of my book being in the basement or lost, after all lots of others are there waiting for their sticker books. He’s God so I doubt that the guy whispering to the lady next to him about how he knew someone who said that they knew someone who said his book was lost for a week and then was found on God’s desk under his coffee mug so he got a coffee mug sticker for the trouble is telling a true story.

He’s God He doesn’t lose a book.

Sweet relief when I see that the book is rather big. Others are smaller and lots are bigger but I’m still happy with it. I stand proud when He calls off all the stickers that I was given when I was good and seem to be interested in my feet when He tells me of the stickers I was given when I was bad.

God smiles at me and places one last sticker in my book –

The Forgiven sticker.

What stickers do you want in your book?


chris said...

I want my sticker to say you always tried, and even when you failed, yor heart was in the right place. Good Job, Chris!

Monk-in-Training said...

I think I am hoping for the Jesus sticker that covers all the others...

:) interesting thoughts.

Laymond said...

;) How come Bob, and I didn't get a sticker.? we have been good boys.

Kansas Bob said...

All I want is a sticker that says that I am God's friend.. and one that said I was Milly's friend would be nice too.. I would even like a sticker that said I was Laymond's friend :)

Milly said...

I love the thoughts boys.

Yes Laymond you and Bob are good boys. I'll have a sticker for you when we meet.

laymond said...

"Yes Laymond you and Bob are good boys. I'll have a sticker for you when we meet."


Milly said...

You made me laugh!
I'm not as great as God.
I'd bet that God would also give you a sticker.