Sunday, March 09, 2008

Keep your dukes up.

I had a conversation with a man who told me from the get go that he’s a Christian. That was cool. He and I talked about our moms and how we miss them. At one point he said something about having my mom. . . he trailed off realizing what he had just said then he looked thoughtful and smile “Oh that’s right our moms are together in heaven now. “ He and I then began to talk of human nature to live. We fight to stay alive. Even when we know it’s the end we still fight knowing full well that heaven is grander than here.

God gave that to us.

It’s built into us by his hands.

My brother and I as almost all siblings had a fight or two. I remember the last time I nailed him and hard. It stopped him from trying to keep me from decking him. Mark wasn’t a sister hitter once he got past the young brat stage. So he wasn’t hitting me. I was hitting him. I’m a fighter I always have been and always will be. It seems that when I’m pushed down I fight harder to get up, as Mark knows. I’m thankful that we’ve grown out of those silly fights and now have each other to lean on. Yes he can actually lean on the top of my head. I’m strong because God gave me fight and fight I will when I’m called to do so.

If you’ve every truly choked on anything or almost drowned then you understand the fight.
It’s cool to me that God gave us that. He gave us fight so that when the doctor tells us we have a disease we pull ourselves up and fight.

Fight makes us better warriors. It makes us better parents, and friends. Most of all, It makes us better Christians we want to live and tell those around us how great our God is.

Keep up the good fight!


Mark said...

brother abuser!

preacherman said...

Excellent post.
I want to thank you for sharing this with us all.
It has been encouraging to me and my relationship with God.
I hope you have a blessed week in the Lord Jesus Christ. May all of his riches blessing fall on you and your family.
In Him,
Kinney Mabry

Kansas Bob said...

I have heard that cancer patients who argue with their doctors and are just plain ornery about their treament have a higher rate of recovery.. they don't settle for what is told to them.. they believe in a better future.

I guess in some way it is why Paul tells us to fight the good fight of faith.. some things are truly worthfighting for.

karen said...

KB, that's for sure! And, I think it goes with all diseases. I argued with my doctor the other day on the phone...I sent him an email apology that I didn't mean to disrespect him..but that I have a stake in what I put into my body!
Good post, milly! Sometimes we have to fight! Put 'em up!
Poor Mark! ;-)