Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just wonder'n about the bunny

As it is almost Easter I want to know. . . . . .how do you eat your chocolate bunny?

Ears first?

Tail first?

Feet first?

Well how do you do it?

Click around on the bunny it's funny.


ron said...

Hi Milly ,

Thanks for visiting my blog. The last couple of days I have felt like commenting more!

Did you click on the bunnys bow , if not do it and read ? Pretty good information !


Mark said...

I prefer to eat other peoples chocolate rabbits first

Lynne said...

Oh you have to eat the head first! mercy killing, so you're not torturing it! ;)
ok, the chocolate bunny didn't think much of my answer either!

Missy said...

Okay, so I carefully pry the bunny apart at the seam - pulling the front from the back. I replace the back of the bunny in the wrapper, crumble the front in a bowl and share. You're not gonna tell anybody I do this are you?

I clicked on the front of the bunny and it said I'm like David Copperfield. :)

karen said...

This kind of senseless violence has got to stop.

Kansas Bob said...

Ears first.. but eat a bit slower these days.. a bit better on the wasitline :)

Milly said...

The bow cracked me up also.

I'm aware of that.


I thought most are molded the other way so you are like David Copperfield

The MoonPiest are looking into this yummy killing

I hear ya that's why I asked the bunny to hop past my basket

laymond said...

With my grandkid's teeth. :)

byevad said...

Ears first... then the nose... then the tail... then the rest of the head... then the body... then the feet... then... well, where did my bunny go? I want my bunny back!

Scott said...

Not a big fan of the choco-bonny. Usually teh chocolate is substandard milk choc. I' rocki' the M&M peanut butter filled eggs though.

Svott said...

Also, I can't type/proofread.

preacherman said...

I hope you and your family had a great Easter.
It is wonderful news that He has risen!
When it came to my boys eating their bunny. They bit the head of first, second arms, then legs. :-)
I hope you have a wonderful week.
In Him,
Kinney Mabry