Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yes I said purses

I decided to clean a few purses out tonight while waiting on the washer and reading your words.

I had to laugh at myself for accumulating so much junk in these bags here’s a bit of a list:

a deck of cards You never know
mints Got to have nice breath
a Pinocchio watch
two measuring tapes Because I need them
award cards, patches and vender pins from work I roll like that
Blog posts that were longer and needed more time from me to read I want to enjoy what you've written, no matter how long and you know who you are.
a bottle cap that has a saying in it. A new chapter in your life is being written.
a rock with a cross on it
a puzzle piece, because we are all part of the puzzle that make up life
three boxes of dental floss Do I need to explain?
a jasmine tea bag I need peace
diaper pin I have no idea
paper clip
a large clip
an out of date Zyrtec Now in the trash
a piece of leather From scout days
receipts from lots of places
a pay stub from church
a Tinker Bell patch
a blue ribbon pin to remind you dudes-I have one on with my flair at work.
Several notes from my kid’s doctor
an address book Old school
swimming ribbons
a change order for the bank
PTA ink pins
gift cards I need to shop
a Serenity prayer card It rocks
a Tulsa street guide I hate being late
photos of my kids
church bulletins
clothes pin From my chips at lunch
eye drops I was on a med that gave me dry eyes
hand lotion I like soft hands
ink pens
hair stuff
church keys
nail files
velcro One never knows
a marble I haven't lost mine yet
a paint can opener I need to open the can
a book of matches from Pat O’Brien’s Honeymoon
notes from my husband Stuff to do and an I love you note
some jewelry things with the words-love, trust, imagine, and believe. I'm not sure

Why do we women have these bags?
Because you dudes won’t carry the man bag.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a bucket of trash to empty.


Kansas Bob said...

You just don't want to see the stuff I take out of my pockets and put in my bedside nightstand :(

Missy said...

Milly, this sounds like meme material!

Mark said...

you hate to be late?
I have never known you to be on time!

karen said...

LOL!! My purses--I have one very tiny one that holds practically nothing but my wallet, comb and phone--and one "backpack" that I take when I sub because it can hold my lunch and water, books, etc.
I call that one "The Abyss."