Monday, October 22, 2007

Today we can do big things in small ways.

It’s been crazy at work lately. We’ve been way short handed and they have fired three from my department in just a few short months. I won’t say why. Things at home have been a bit nuts with the kids going here and there schoolwork, homework, housework, work, work, and church work.

So how on earth do I find time to renew me to relax and stop? I find myself in such a hurry that I forget to let God into my day.

I spent some time not long ago at a mission with my son, two other teens, and another volunteer from church. Only a select few are invited to go and I had the privilege of being asked. We cleaned the room, served food, then cleaned up again. I delighted in seeing my son enjoy serving others. I loved listening to the teens talk about their lives. Such promise ahead. The men and women that came to eat were in need, they needed to hear God’s words and they needed to be fed. They were so happy to see the food and so thankful to be served. most of the men came back several times for more, they wanted the meat of the meal not the dessert.

I wonder how many come back to hear the meat of God’s word and not just to have a hot meal.

I need to do more things to renew my spirit.

I need to do the little things that let God into my moments.

What about you?

Can we?

Today we can do big things in small ways.


Missy said...

Great post, Milly. Good to be eager to come back for the stuff we know we need - not just the sweets. We can. I will. Thanks.

Kansas Bob said...

Nice post.. I echo this one Milly:

"I need to do more things to renew my spirit."

laymond said...

All great things happen a litle at a time.

Anonymous said...

I see I saved a (t) in little, I promise to use it later. :)


karen said...

Great post, Milly...I was just thinkin' about this today, got wrapped up in family and work and really need my heavenly Dad most of all.

pearlie said...

Yes, I agree ... a great post :) I have been also so preoccupied with things that it is certainly wonderful to read what I just read. Doing big things in small ways - what a wonderful way of putting it. I can even say that God does big things in small ways, that is, big things in small me, in small you, in small us.

God bless you Milly.

Smith said...

Greap Post