Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hot Stove a look back

Codepoke responded to the Hot Stove post http://millytime.blogspot.com/2007/10/hot-stove.html and silly me hasn’t been checking down much at all these days. I thought this was quote worthy then again it’s CP so that doesn’t surprise those of us who know him. Here is what he said:

In my experience, God seldom repeats Himself. He walks quietly out of the room whispering, "I might not touch that stove if I were you," and never looks back. He's always just loud enough to be sure you heard Him, but quiet enough that you can pretend to yourself that you didn't. And when I burn myself silly, I find He was waiting right outside the door with the aloe lotion. Not a word passes between us unless it's the sound of my repentance, and then He changes the subject pretty quickly. He's not One for "I told you so."

Good stuff CodePoke!


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