Monday, November 21, 2011

Got your coffee?

Well then let’s talk about how I eat my words . . . a lot.

Example being

I have a small event coming up and I noticed that one of the mean girls in on the invite list. By mean I say’n that she will most likely bring up some pain that a former friend is going through and even though this lady has shut the door on our friendship (due to the pain that she is in right now and doesn’t want anyone except close friends with her) I still care for her and in no way want to discuss what is going on in her life. I want to lift her up in prayer not hear her being trashed. I also have ill feelings towards this person, now I know that I’m suppose to tell her and I did. I sent her an email telling her just how I felt about her and she responded with a huh? It must be the other woman not me. She left my church with a you don’t like me attitude and a slam of the door. I waved a fond farewell and an I wish you well in life thought. Her husband ran for office and lost much to our relief. She is a therapist and trashes her patients to others. I have a list, a long list of her offences to me. Okay I know that I should let it all go, I shouldn’t even care at all but seeing her name brought it back to me.

So how am I eating those words?

Today I told a coworker that she needed to let it go and give it to God over issues with another coworker. I told her to take those nuggets of grace and hold on to them. These words taste icky but hold true. I’m to chew on the darn nuggets of grace and like it. Aren’t I?

My son has something to do that evening so I don’t know if I can even go, we’ll see.

And so ya’ll know I’d try to talk to her about it but she won’t understand, trust me.


Kansas Bob said...

I wish that I did not understand what you are saying Milly. Sadly this happens way to much in church circles.

pearlie said...

Yes, I agree with KB that this do happen way too much in church circles, and all around the world too. It reminds me of what the pastor preached today - we are not perfect Christians but we still need to live up to God's commandments, and we are thankful He is a God of grace.