Saturday, April 30, 2011

I realize that the Church of Christ is known for how the men treat the woman but honestly!

Okay so I go to a Church of Christ and I know the rules that many men seem to think that we need to live by but I don’t think that I can, in fact I know that I can’t, Bill didn’t raise his daughter to keep her opinions to herself. In fact I’ve seen to the glint in his eyes when I give my opinion very strongly. Now that’s the very thing that gets me in trouble. I have a brain and a voice and I use them.

I’ve never spotted a place in the bible where it said woman keep you opinions to yourself like the old way CofC s and CofCers think. Woman have voices and rights men. That way of thinking got me yelled at shortly before an event was about to start. The odd thing is that I didn’t yell nor did I demand I asked where some things were and got yelled at. That shocked me because I honestly just asked and was told that he didn’t know where it was. My response was sharp because I had been yelled at the whole time I was on the phone then to my surprise I was yelled at in person. I tried to defuse the situation by asking him to stop and do a sit down with another man. He refused and kept yelling. I asked him to please act professionally because people could hear and he told me that only my daughter could hear. Ummm lets back up here my child was not only shocked that he yelled at me over the phone but that he got in my face in front of her right before and event. I did speak to one of the other members of the team and told her that any time that I’ve spoken to him about any issue he has walked away. She let me know that he does the same thing to her and gives him very little respect.

Ah ha! It’s about women.

Putting that fact that he isn’t the right person for the job and that he should do things differently he still has had some home runs. I’ve never failed to speak about the hits. And I’ve never failed to speak about the misses where the ministry I work for is concerned. I got from his yelling that others have told him when I’ve spoken out. I said that yes I have spoken about being frustrated about damage to things. I won’t repeat what he said because it was as shocking as stupid. I felt set up that night from the get go and will be on guard from now on. I now know where the trust is. That is also shocking because I thought I could trust the man that I can now see that I can’t. Plus He needs to not be in it so that it’s a set up for the way things went the other night. He wasn’t asked to be in and should keep his mouth shut in front of guest also. It’s a hot spot to me to do that in front of the guest that is about to speak.

Now how are things? They are fine, they were fine before, and they will be fine again. I now know that he feels that walking away and not listening to what us ladies have to say is because he’s old CofC.

Most of all I find it hard at times to be treated like a bitch for speaking when the men are treated like they have the rights. I do sometimes wonder how long I can stay with a church like that.

Don’t get me wrong this church that I go to is making strides where women are concerned but they have a long way baby. Do I think that every man will see us women as equals? NOPE! NO WAY! Some of you dudes will always be the jerks that you are. But that’s okay because bless your hearts God loves you.


Mark Bledsoe said...

One of the large reasons I left the CoC, and will never be back.
The church as a whole was and is way to accepting of this attitude

laymond said...

Milly, churches, most of them follow Paul, instead of Jesus. you will never find a place where Jesus belittles a woman. nor even describes how a church should be conducted, in meetings. nor did he ever brush aside a question, because it was asked by a woman.