Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yep it was Christmas. . .remember why?

Okay so we are suppose to look at Christmas as the birth of our Savior and most of us in the fringes of our lives do...

. . . but only in the fringes.

Come on look. . .

. . . no look harder

you see. . .

. . .it’s on your sleeve.

Yep that’s our savior you dropped Him when you were trying to get to that sale or find the right checkout so that you could hurry up and make it to the next sale.

We spend our cash and time buying gifts for those we love and those we have to buy for. You know who they are.

Some folks even go into debt to get the kids the perfect gift of the year.

Pssssst guess what?
They will want something different that is better and more expensive next year.

So if we are dropping Jesus to the wayside and rushing around to buy gifts what is the true meaning of Christmas to us?

Well this year I learned a bit about Christmas.

One don’t put off the shopping

Two when you put off the shopping and you are hurt it’s, excuse the pun, a real pain.

Now I’m not writing this to bum us out or make us feel guilty so keep reading PLEASE.

One big thing that I learned is that my daughter is a really fun person to shop with. Since the death of my mom, she died right before Christmas several years ago, we have done something fun for a gift. Miss Littles was enlisted to help me because of my shoulder pain. She had several ideas and loved doing the shopping with me.

I also learned that family can have a great big pain in their hearts for those who have left this earth to be with that Savior of ours that we put on the shelf when we were trying to decide if Uncle Drew would like socks or a hat and still come together and laugh, tease, and love.

Jesus was born so that we can decorate our yards with a ridicules amount of blow up junk and lights that can be seen from space. Jesus lived on this earth as a man so that we could stand in a mall of crazed people in search of just the right thing that Aunt Sarah will love.

Jesus died so that those who have left us and those who are to join them soon, and you and I, our stupid, forgetful, passionate about shopping, selves can live forever with Him.

He came, He taught, He died so that on the day that the earth celebrates His birth with too much food, too many lights, too much spending, on a day when too much is common and expected He still loves us .

He gave us family and friends to over do it all in the name of the baby born in a manger under the light of the brightest star so that He could save us forever.

Thank you God

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Kansas Bob said...

Good stuff as always!

Merry Christmas Milly! Hope the New Year comes with much joy!