Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mind Candy

I’ve been reading several books written by the same author, no, I won’t give the names of the books because they are “Mind candy”. You know the ones I’m talking about. You need not give a huge amount of care to the story. I do find myself enjoying these quick reads. One thing that has occurred to me as I read these fictional history books is that we don’t enjoy touch the way that we use to. A simple act of touching ones hand when a man would hand a lady an object sent a thought of passion though them. Think of the last time you washed dishes with your loved one. Try to leave the dishwasher out of it and do them the old fashioned way. A glance, a touch, and a shared conversation.

Don’t worry I’m reading others also. One is so deep that I need time to relax and process. My son enjoys the subject so I have him to discuss the issues with. I’ve cried over what happened and felt like putting my fist into a wall at times. So “Mind Candy” helps me to not climb in and hang out for too long.

Books have always been a huge thing in my family. They are handed down from generation to generation. I read less them my siblings and I read every day. We love those pages and devour those words. I usually have two to three books in the works. Having just finished one a few moments ago I’m about to start another. Hmmmm more “Mind Candy”? What to do!

I love to talk about the books that I and other have read and I love haring those I enjoy. I suppose that comes with the love of those wonders.

We discuss them at work.

The other night we were talking about books when one of my coworkers said that she loved Twilight. I couldn’t hold back on how I feel about those things. I don’t like the glorifying of evil. She pointed out that vampires aren’t real. I told her About Vlad the Impaler, he wasn’t the blood sucking vampire that legend has made him out to be. I hate that satan has cleverly woven himself into books that our teens love. I don’t have any Harry Potter books in my home because my son doesn’t want to read them. He won’t want those Twilight ones either.

One of my regular guys to visit me no matter where they put me at work asked me

“Do you read?”

“Yep I’m one of them educated women.”

“Then I’ll bring ya a book.”

He went to his truck for the book.
When he handed it to me he told me that he was in it.
I can’t wait to read it. He’s a car guy, one that would make Salgoud feel at home. I wonder if that’s what they wrote about him.

I feel blessed to have been raised by people who love books.
I love that I have friends who enjoy them.
I’m thankful that God has given me the time to read.


Mark said...

Books, mmmmmmmm
7 going right now.

Try the Dangerous World of Butterflies by lafer

salguod said...

A car guy? Sounds like a good guy!

My wife and daughter love Twilight and the Harry Potter series. The oldest reads Twilight, not the others. Too mature for them we think. It's controversial, for sure, and many like yourself can see no value in them. Others, like my wife and daughter, see them as pure fantasy and can read and enjoy them for the story. I haven't read them, but I did see the movie. There's a definite good vs. evil story happening, and evil is portrayed as such. And yes, some of the vampires are 'good', battling the desires of their flesh for a moral purpose.

I'm not much of a reader. 1, maybe 2 at a time and it'll take me a long time to get through, assuming I do get through. my wife and daughter read like crazy. I will sometimes read on vacation when there aren't numerous other projects calling me.

Mark (under construction) said...

I join you in yourlove of books - I've got a stack on my bedside table so high that they drown out the light from the bedside table.

Funny I always remember as a kid reading Farmer Boy which is a children's historical novel by Laura Ingalls Wilder, for some reason that book of all books is etched in my memory and I'm not sure why - though I did enjoy the read.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I am a book lover also! I have recently re-discovered the library and love it. The last week or so I just haven't been able to read like I used to...not a good sign. Not sure what's wrong with me.

pearlie said...

Yes, sometimes I need some mind candy. Too much steak isn't good for me. I'm always devouring a few at a time but sad to say I tend to pick at them after I've started on them.

Monk-in-Training said...

"Mind candy" what a great phrase, I intend to remember it.