Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Have you ever felt that God was yelling at you?

I was late last Sunday for church. I had a good reason I worked all day and night Saturday then came home to put slides together, they were sent late so I had little time to pull it together. I had to sleep because I had to be at work again Sunday afternoon. With the kids with my dad I could hit the snooze and snooze.

I checked on some of my friends to make sure they were doing well and then found my sister and son. I have to admit I came in rather late for the sermon but boy was he speaking to me. I have to tell the elders and it seems that I have to do it rather soon. I think sooner than rumors is a good idea still it will be difficult to tell those around me how crushed things are. I might have taken the whole thing out of context. I might be looking for a way to turn away from what He wants for me to do.

I was sitting today at my desk I decided to listen to a sermon from a minister of one of one of my fellow bloggers. I’ve been freaked about several things money being a big one. I need to be able to take care of my children. Guess what the sermon was about? You got it. . . Money

I’ve been blessed to have a home for two years in a neighborhood that a lot of people I know couldn’t afford. Sure it’s stressed our budget but God has been good to us.

Our lives are about to change still I have God.

In my times of freaking out He stands solid and waits for me to listen. Some times He has to take my hand and yell in my ear. I'm such a child at times. I turn my head. I wander off. I try to control it all.

Once He told me and I took control then He yelled so loud that it took me to my knees.

He yells at me in different ways.

It reads from the heart of a distant friend. . .it sounds like the voice of a minister. . .it whispers in the wind. . .it’s the touch of a caring heart. . . It’s the faint sound of butterfly wings and the loudness of thunder rolling in my heart.. . It’s God


karen said...

Oh, yeah...He has to yell at us sometimes! We don't listen well at times! Good stuff, milly!
Hope things work out.

Kansas Bob said...

"I try to control it all."

I so wish that I could not relate.. somewhere along this faith journey we are brought to a point of release.. we cannot control anything that is important.. a lesson that is so hard to learn.

Praying that He will give you peace my dear sister.. when the waves are the highest is when we need to release control of the boat to Him.. and trust Him to bring us peace.. eventually.

Blessings, Bob

preacherman said...

Are you typing about me?
Yes...I think this normal way to feel.
I loved your post and of course your blog.
Keep up the great work!